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Congratulations on taking a step towards addiction recovery for yourself or a loved one. Fighting an addiction is very personal, and no two people can go about it the same way.   We have included links to a few quality resources below.  Click the "Learn More" buttons for information on each one, give us a call, or tap the GREEN button below to request FREE resources.

The "Addiction Recovery DIY" DVD series, for conquering recovery at home, supports those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction as they work through the top Addiction Therapy and Coaching Methods utilized today. 

Addiction Recovery DIY: Conquer Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction at Home (DVD)

The "Addiction Recovery DIY" workbook, for conquering recovery at home, contains 142 pages of exercises utilized by professionals in rehabs, clinics, and doctors offices around the world.

Addiction Recovery DIY: Conquer Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction at Home (Workbook)

This motivational coloring book was for created to support anyone in Detox or Addiction Recovery for relief at home, in a clinic or hospital, or during an extended stay at a residential rehab facility. Getting and staying clean can be a stressful and lonely experience, with various challenges.

The Forever Fight: 

On Drugs, Alcohol, & the Cycle of Addiction

Addiction Recovery DIY: Coloring Book

For Stress Relief During Early Recovery

This guide provides an extensive overview of what addiction is, the warning signs of abuse, how drugs and alcohol affect the mind and body, as well as various Recovery options. 

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